I had the pleasure of recently working with Raschell. We worked on my experience of some physical and emotional pain that I was enduring at that time. Raschell showed up in a very present and nurturing space to allow me to express the challenges that I was experiencing. Then an interesting thing happened in our work together. My physical pain shifted into a lighter space but more importantly my emotional state improved tremendously allowing me to understand where my physical pain was coming from. My days have been much lighter and less stressful. I highly recommend working with Raschell. She was an absolute pleasure to lead me on my journey into healing.  Michael - Spiritual Health Coach - USA

Rachell’s program is incredible. She intuitively coaches in fields that lots of coaches cannot. Her sense of spirituality is amazing. Everything rings true about her authenticity.

 Jenna - Life Coach - USA

After doing the course, Discover Your Blueprint, I came out having a very different approach on views be it daily or personal. I now feel so enlightened and find my life so much more positive in my outlook and less stressful. I would recommend to anyone to take her coaching and courses, her coaching is so uplifting and insightful and worth the time.

Jim  - Security Manager - Canada 

​Raschell is sincere in wanting to help people. She was caring, positive, supportive, and motivating right from our first session. She effectively identified my strengths and areas where I needed to grow not only personally but professionally. Raschell has given me healthy advice and the tools that I need to achieve my goals. Her sense of humor and easy disposition makes it easy to speak to her. I leave every conversation feeling empowered and energized. I look forward to continuing my journey with her.

Sophie - Canada

Raschell is a wonderful coach who wants to help you identify your thinking patterns and thereby control self-sabotage. Sudhana - Real Estate Investor - Canada

​I recently completed Discover Your Blueprint and I feel so energetically relaxed and grounded. It is from this place that I feel the need to share my love, respect, and blessings for this program. I have learned a lot of my blueprints recently, with the techniques we learn in this program I have been able to take a step back from my impulsive reactions and understand why I feel those ways, and where it comes from. 

Lynnette - Virtual Assistant- Canada 


​Through this workshop, I learned more about myself in two days than I had in thirty years. This workshop helped me understand my relationships and how it related to my business. Gurdeep - Functional Medicine Practitioner - Canada 


The Four Seasons of Successful Entrepreneurship ...was a game-changer for me. I absolutely loved the holistic approach to business. It gave me the tools to think about my operations in a new way while not forgetting about myself in the process. It reminded me of how often we separate those two things, but by doing this leaves us 100% vulnerable to disconnection, burn out and a host of other complications that all negatively impact our bottom line. I consider my self quite fortunate to have found this workshop early on my entrepreneurial journey​. 

Kira Day- Entrepreneur Canada 

​Raschell is a noteworthy women in business. Her area of expertise is to deliver solutions to people that help them achieve their real estate investing goals. Raschell provided great support and integrity while making sure our investment was a smooth transition. Thanks for doing business with me and now for sharing a great friendship!

Gemma - Investor- Canada 


​I had the pleasure of connecting with Raschell at a summer networking bash, from there we met up and we discussed what I wanted to achieve in my business and my personal life. I spent three months working with her and on my business and my relationships and I can definitely say that a lot has changed! With her guidance and suggestions she made me recognize some areas where I needed to pay attention, create and put in place great habits and successful routines on how to maximize my success in my business.   Mona- Entrepreneur Canada 

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